Kiss the love of your life next New Year’s Eve

The holidays are often a time when we resolve ourselves to change – to exercise more, manage our stress or to meet someone special. Holiday celebrations often involve spending time with family and may bring up strong feelings, values and ideals around love, loyalty and creating your own family. New Year’s Eve is often accompanied by the pressure to find a romantic kiss at midnight. For many of us, the holidays are a reminder that we want a partner to share life with.

A lot of us set lofty goals for new years, mostly revolving around weight loss and fitness, only to break them a few weeks into the new year. Instead of six pack abs or losing a dress size, how about gaining love in your life? Can you resolve to meeting the one this year? Yes, in 2014! Many of us believe meeting the one is out of our control  (see blog “fate or fatal mistake”) but I truly believe that there are concrete actions that you can take today to improve your love life.

First we must start with a vision. Where do you see your life in 2014? Write a letter to yourself for December 31, 2014 , the first line reading “I had a great year because….”. Then list off all the accomplishments you had in life and your love life (thanks for the idea Greg Canty).
Another way to envision your future love life is to create a vision board.

Second – you must envision your mate. Start with a list of 20 qualities you would like in a partner (e.g. appearance, education, interests, values…) and then five ‘must haves’ or dealbreakers! – maybe don’t go this far though:

Your must haves are important because this is where you will not compromise. You may like a guy who is over 6ft but it may not be a dealbreaker, but wanting kids might be for you.

That’s it! Envision your future love life and the partner that’s out there waiting for you. After that let’s get started on strategies to meet and snag your perfect mate so when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st 2014…you kiss the love of your life! (and not Seamus from accounting).

Want to kiss the love of your life next New Year's Eve?  (Image via Wikimedia Commons at

Want to kiss the love of your life next New Year’s Eve? (Image via Wikimedia Commons at

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