Playing your cards right?

Valentines Day this year was shocking to me….I only talked to two people that whole week who were excited about valentines day. The restaurants weren’t packed, there were no roses around the office, I even went to a hair salon expecting women to be getting done up for the big night but nothing. Most people seemed to have “forgotton” about it, didn’t care, watched House of Cards debut on Netflix or ranted about how it’s a made up holiday. (Valentines Day is a Saint Day which is a holiday, celebrating St. Valentine who married couples who were forbidden to marry- sounds pretty bad ass cupid to me)

What surprised me the most was that my single friends actually made better plans than my couple friends. At least some of my single friends went out for the night just for fun and to celebrate. What is it about valentines day that makes people uncomfortable? Is it the perceived pressure?

My question is, when there is an excuse to celebrate life or love, do you embrace it or belittle it? I’m not saying you have to go for the overpriced roses (or god forbid carnations!) but you can use the day as an excuse to show love or be a hopeful romantic? I almost wish we could go back to school where we each gave everyone in the class a valentine and candy hearts with “u rock” on them.

Whether you are single or with someone, can we make more of an effort to celebrate in life? Make an occasion out of nothing.

As a single person, valentines day is an excuse to go out with friends, wear obnoxious combinations of red and pink, and celebrate all types of love in your life. As a couple, it’s an excuse to write down why you love someone, do a random act of kindness and get some nookie.

So to all my single friends who stayed home alone on Valentines Day and watched House of Cards…were you really playing your cards right?

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  1. A couple of the women in my office actually gave out valentine cards with little treats. While this may sound a bit cheesy, I heard more than one person talk about how they didn’t think they would be getting anything for Valentine’s Day because they were single and this little act of kindness had really turned their day around. So I am all for bringing back the exchange of valentines from second grade. U rock!

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