Why you should date a shorter man

I’m having a cup of coffee with a friend the other day and she says:

Friend: “Did I tell you about that short guy I’m dating?”

Me: “Wait, how tall is he?”

Friend: “5’ll”

Me: “How tall are you?”

Friend: “5’11”

Me: “He’s not short, he’s your height”

When I ask a women what type of guy she likes, more times than not in her top three characteristics she will say “tall”. Why is height our top priority?

What does having a tall boyfriend really get you besides things off the top shelf and sitting in the emergency row of an airplane? Not much.

“But I want to wear heels!” So wear heels! Eliminating half of the men out there because you want to wear heels and have him still be taller than you is drastically limiting your dating pool. Unless you’re living in the Netherlands or the owner of a men’s basketball team, tall me might be hard to find but good men are everywhere.

Women complain there are no good men out there….maybe take your gaze down an inch or two.

“Shorter” men are the hidden secret in the dating market. Tall men can often be spoiled by attention. Short men might often be overlooked by women but good things come in small packages. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to judge you based on your height, hair colour, or weight…the same applies to men. Get to know him first and take notice of his other sexy qualities….like being confident enough to hit on a taller woman.

I know you want to feel smaller than him, I get it ladies…I’m 6ft and I feel big around everyone! But when I decided to start dating shorter men (not my height….shorter!), my dating options drastically expanded. I was meeting really interesting men I might have previously overlooked, one of them being my husband.

So the next time you complain a date is too short remember Too $hort is a rapper, not your date. Unless he is your date, then you go girl!

Too $hort

Still not convinced? Check out these hot celebrity couples, Mick Jagger couldn’t be wrong.





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