Do men like funny women?

I was on 96fm in Cork this week chatting about the topic: “Do men like funny women?” The discussion was inspired by a research study done at the University of Miami which asked a series of questions to 80 heterosexual students about how they judge sense of humour when looking for a partner.

The results showed that women ranked sense of humour in a partner as more important than men. The radio discussion then jumped to conclusion that men don’t like funny women and are intimidated by them.

I would have to disagree.

Both men and women find humour attractive. It’s just that women ranked it as a higher importance. Men didn’t say funny ladies are a turnoff but they don’t often have funny in their top three desirable traits in a mate either.

What I think is interesting about this study is the result that women ranked humour so high. Women also said it was more important that the man was funny and could make them laugh, than that he thought she was funny.

Why do women rank humour so high? Humour can often tell about a man’s confidence, social skills and intelligence but what I think women are really getting at is that they want a man who isn’t too serious. They want a man who can see the humor in life, laugh things off, and be fun to be around.

If this is the case, men should spend less time in the gym worrying about their bod and more time watching stand up comedy and practicing their wit! Might learn some good jokes from a woman too…


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