How to Have a Holiday Romance

There is nothing like getting a little sun, wearing next to nothing and being in an exotic destination to inspire romance…. but is it just for the week? This blog will give some advice to make more of your summer fling and possibly fling it into your everyday reality. So how do you find love on a holiday? Well you email Kate Winslet and sign up for a home exchange in the UK renting a cottage from Jude Law. That’s one way, here are some other ways….

Before you go:

Choose a place to travel that brings out the best side of you. Are you adventurous? Outdoorsy? Culturally inspired? Pick a place that reflects your interests and values. For a city break, look into the places where you are visiting and make sure there is some social scene there. If it’s more in nature, look into groups you can join with people your age. This can be booking a tour and inquiring about the mix of people that attend or maybe even checking out in that area for activities in advance of your flight.

How about setting up a date before you even arrive?! Log on to your favourite dating app or website and set up some dates before you get there. This will take some pre-planning but having a local meet you and show you some local sites can be a great opportunity to meet a friend or something more.

If you are doing a city break, stay in one town for at least a week. Maybe get an apartment on airbnb and get to know some local spots. Also, get a local phone or credit, you don’t need to be adding them on facebook letting them into your entire world right away, a text will do for now.

While you’re there:

Be “holiday you”. Holiday you is laid back, maybe more open, will talk to random people they meet. I like to think of Ethan Hawke in “Before Sunrise” who chats up the love of his life on a train to Vienna where they disembark and walk around the city all night.

People are just more free on holiday. Imagine if everyone was as open and friendly in London as they were on the Camino de Santiago. So embrace that side of yourself and let go. Chat to people you find attractive, you have so many excused to start a conversation- you can ask advice on the best restaurant, ask / guess where they are from, or have them take a picture of you (leave the selfie stick at home!).

So where do I meet someone? It’s time to get active, join group activities and do things you love. Where would you ideal mate be hanging out? This is about finding romance not a hook up. If you want a hook up you can go to the club with the animal print bar, free shots and follow the sound of a air horn. We all know that place (Coppers in Dublin, Sharkeez in California, and the whole island of Ibiza). If you want romance, try to meet someone earlier and outside of heavy binge drinking. Maybe there is a sports game to watch, a boat cruise or a beach party… join in! Try not to drink too much because it’s not safe and not sexy.

I met them, what now?!

If you meet someone, stay cool. Don’t spend every waking moment with them. You can hint at making plans to meet up the next day for an activity you both talked about or even just a drink/ coffee. That is the benefit of being somewhere for a week, it can give you some breaks (to miss each other) and also time to have some dates. Don’t sleep with them or go home with them, create some mystery and set high standards. If they want to continue seeing you after the holiday you can consider it then.

Most of all, let go a little and enjoy, take some good risks and allow yourself to be open. Love comes easier that way.

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