Meet Karen

My story:

I am originally from Los Angeles, California.  I lived in Ireland for the last five years and now I’m back in Northern California. The pursuit of love has always been a passion of mine. I have been fascinated with dating since I was a teenager coaching my friends. I’ve been an active dater ever since, you name it I’ve done it. Blind dates, speed dating, online dating (I’ve been online dating since 1999 (as my twin sister would say about me … “online since 99”), singles events or even the Irish way…a pub. I’ve studied what works and what doesn’t work on the dating scene,  taking into account nuances for different cultures and situations in life, and put what I’ve learned to the test in my own life.

My experience with lifestyle coaching began at the Occupational Therapy Faculty Practice practice at the University of Southern California , a non profit private practice. I currently lecture at University College Cork in Occupational Therapy, and I am now embarking on my own private practice specializing in dating coaching and lifestyle coaching.

I am an occupational therapist,  and I have my doctorate in Occupational Science which is the study of human occupation, a.k.a all the activities we do that make up our day. Dating involves many of these activities, how we dress and present ourselves, what our hobbies are, starting conversations with new people, going on dates, managing online profiles…and all of these activities require certain skills and a vision. Coaching can help you attain the skills you need to be successful with your goals and to achieve your  vision for your life, whether that is to get married, meet someone to spend more time with, or even create an exciting or balanced lifestyle.  I have years of experience specializing in coaching people to create a  personally meaningful , healthy and thriving life for years.

My love story:

This brings me to the story of how I met the love of my life. I was dating up a storm in LA having a great time and enjoying meeting new people. I just wasn’t finding a serious relationship. I knew that men in LA were notorious for prolonging the single life. I appreciated their honesty but that wasn’t me. I wanted to fall head over heels in love, have a whirlwind romance and meet the love of my life! I wanted the Notebook.

I took a long look hard look at my own areas for improvement ( e.g. I tended to be the livewire at the party but rarely showed a more serious or intellectual side) , re-evaluated my criteria (what really mattered to me? Guess I didn’t need a man over 6ft), envisioned my ideal man (I do love an Irish Catholic man) and made a dramatic move for love. I packed up all my things, left a very successful coaching position and said farewell to my friends and family in pursuit of love … in Ireland. I moved to Cork in February 2012, actively dated and redesigned my approaches to meet my values. On April 21 I was out with some friends (mostly couples) at a local pub, they were moving on to the next place (a definite dive) and I said “sorry guys I’ve got to meet someone” and went off to a comedy show , struck up a conversation with a hottie I had seen out at a pub before, and that was my (future) husband.

We started planning our wedding in July the same year, booked the church in August, got engaged over Christmas, and married July 25, 2013. This may not be everyone’s love story or what anyone else would want, but it was what I dreamed about. It required some risk, hard work, and optimism to achieve but I’m so glad I didn’t listen to people who would say, “Love will come when you’re not looking” or “It will happen just be patient”. I believe in some elements of chance but I also respect effort … you wouldn’t expect to get a job if you didn’t send out more than one CV or even show up to interview. Finding a man takes effort … the fun kind, which involves becoming the best version of yourself, having all sorts of adventures, and falling in love.

My values:

I wholeheartedly believe that you have all the solutions to your own dating dilemmas. You are already your own best dating coach.  You have the ability to find the love of your life. So why would you need coaching? Sometimes in life, we get stuck. Stuck in the same habits , repeating the same patterns and hoping for different results.  This could involve being stuck with your weight, your job, or your love life. In order to get “unstuck” we sometimes have to take risks and experiment with new ideas….maybe switching jobs, trying a new hobby, moving to a new country, or working with a coach to improve motivation and develop a clearer vision for how we want our life to be.

What I offer as a coach:

I can help you:

  • Determine what you want for your love life and what you desire in a partner
  •  Identify  your values
  • Enhance  your assertiveness
  • Boost your social skills and expand your social networks
  • Become more healthy and active and discover hobbies/passions
  • Attract love into your life

The list is endless but tailored to your needs completely.  Together we will determine strategies to makeover your dating life – dating tips for in person or online arenas and how to flirt effectively.


  1. “I believe in some elements of chance but I also respect effort … you wouldn’t expect to get a job if you didn’t send out more than one CV or even show up to interview. Finding a man takes effort”

    Based on my own experience, I couldn’t agree with you more! For some reason, some people get stuck thinking that you just happen upon someone right. This may be true for some people, but not for everyone. It’s important to know your blind spots and biases because those may be getting in the way of you finding someone who is actually right for you. Figuring out what actually matters to you in a life partner is really important.

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