Dating coaching

Do you feel stuck with your love life?

Keep meeting the same boring people?

Starting to doubt if there is anyone out there you can feel a spark with?

Do people comment about how you are so great, you will meet someone soon? Tired of waiting around?

Getting back out into the dating scene after a break, long relationship, or divorce….unsure how to navigate a changing dating scene and feeling overwhelmed?

Get stuck in the friend zone? Or friends with benefits?

Feeling like you’re too much for men? Or maybe a wall flower…well nobody puts baby in the corner! (Thanks for reminding us of that Patrick Swayze):

It’s time to revive a sexy and confident you, spark passion, redesign your love life, and attract your soul mate!

It’s time for a change, from a hopeless romantic to a hopeful romantic and from just hanging out to going out. Create your own romantic movie love story!

Dating coaching could be just the thing for you to make some much needed changes in your life! I offer a wide range of services for men and women, such as dating advice and strategies, personal coaching  (face to face, by phone or by Skype) and small group seminars. One-on-one coaching can involve counseling and in-the-field coaching (girls night out), which can involve practicing flirting and striking up conversations with men/ women. Coaching is distinct from matchmakers because we coach people on finding their own dates whereas matchmakers arrange dates for their clients. Coaches are also not relationship or psychological counsellors.

I also specialize in helping with online dating.  This could include helping you rewrite your online dating profile(s!) to obtain better results, initiate successful email conversations, reflect your best version of you, and get to the date you want!

*All sessions are private and strictly confidential. A confidentiality agreement  will be signed before sessions commence to ensure privacy.

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