Lifestyle coaching

Is your current lifestyle health promoting, energizing and full of meaning and passion? As your coach, I can help you to redesign your current lifestyle to promote success and happiness.

As part of your initial assessment, we will examine your current daily routine, time management, organisation, engagement in leisure interests/ social activities, your values and passions, work / life balance, and current health (diet/ exercise/ sleep/ stress).

Together we will then set goals that will help you maximise your strengths and life skills.

Here are areas that I often work clients to improve:
Time management (e.g. procrastination, prioritisation)
Organisation (home and personal)
Social / leisure (e.g. making friends, dating, expanding interests and passions)
Creating a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise)
Stress management & mindfulness
Pain management/ Chronic Headaches and Migraines
& more!

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